Doris Iamo’s Story

10 12 2013

Source: NDB Facebook page


(left Doris Iamo and Janet Kaule)

It’s that time of the year again when gifts, festive wishes, cards and all things good are adorned upon those that mean something or are truly deserving. And one such woman is Doris Iamo from Ommo Village in New Ireland Province who received an early Christmas present from the National Development Bank.
The Cheque presentation for Mrs Iamo called for a double celebration as it was done during Mrs Iamo’s graduation following a weeklong training on “Start Your Business For Micro Enterprises” facilitated by the Small Business Development Cooperation (SBDC) in partnership with the Niu Ireland Women In Business Association and NDB’s Women In Business Desk.
Before attending the training programme, Mrs Iamo paid a visit to NDB’s Kavieng Branch to obtain a loan to get into the Taxi Service business something Mrs Iamo dreamt of doing following her retirement from government service.
Least expected but very much to her delight, this dream will now become a reality with the gracious loan assistance from the National Development Bank. “NDB has made me very proud by presenting my cheque in front of all my colleagues. Thankyou NDB from the bottom of my heart for making my dream come true.” Mrs Iamo said.
Mrs Iamo said she was fortunate to have attended the training which covered topics such as Challenges of Starting your Business, Choosing your Business Idea, Managing The Business, Making a Cash Flow Plan, Savings and Applying for a Loan which are the basic requirements to starting a business. “I have a certificate that is certified by the International Labour Office in Geneva and I am very confident in managing my own business now.” Mrs Iamo reaffirmed.
With NDB’s loan assistance of a little over K23,000 Mrs Iamo has purchased a Toyota which will serve as a Taxi providing a 24 hour door to door service within Kavieng Town. Since 2010 NDB has funded in the transport industry, individual women owned and managed SMEs in PNG cars, 4 Wheel Drives, 15 and 25 seater buses, Land Cruisers, Dump Trucks, Hino Trucks, Twin Steers Trucks, Prime Movers, Crane, Excavators, Boats and Motors.
Acting Managing Director Moses Liu said NDB was pleased to assist the people live their dreams but most importantly help them become financially independent and enable them to become meaningful contributors to the growth and development of the SME Sector and that of their community, province and country as a whole.
On behalf of the Board, Management and Staff of the National Development Bank Mr Liu congratulated Mrs Iamo and wished her and all other NDB clients around the country an absolutely fantastic festive celebrations, take care and best wishes for the New Year.
Caption: Mrs Doris Iamo receiving her cheque from NDB Women In Business Manager Relations Manager Janet Kaule during the graduation of the just concluded “Start Your Business For Micro Enterprises” Training.


New Ireland Women Graduate With Flying Colours

2 12 2013

Source: NDB Facebook page


The Niu Ailan Women In Business Association (NAWIBA) has struck another milestone with the successful completion of a week-long training course for its members.
Working in collaboration with the National Development Bank’s Women In Business Desk and the Small Business Development Cooperation (SBDC), the training program was conducted involving seventy-four (74) women from all over the province who are current members of the Association, which was recently launched in October this year.
The training program “Start Your Business For Micro Enterprises” was facilitated by Master Trainer Kathy Waluka and Trainer Nanin Maileng covering topics such as Challenges of Starting your Business, Choosing your Business Idea, Managing The Business, Making a Cash Flow Plan, Savings and Applying for a Loan just to name a few.
Master Trainer Kathy Waluka said the participants should consider themselves privileged in that this was not just any ordinary training but globally recognized and they had certificates to prove this. “This training which you have successfully completed is the same that is given to other associations and groups from across the globe as it is a certified training program under the International Labour Office (ILO) in Geneva.” Mrs Waluka highlighted.
Mrs Walika further challenged the participants to put into practice what they have learnt from the training so that they can live their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs while at the same time contribute to the economic growth and development of the SME sector and their province as a whole.
In echoing similar sentiments Relationship Manager for NDB’s Women In Business Janet Kaule who officiated at the graduation ceremony said the training was important as it equipped the women with the basics but key information and knowledge required to get them started on their chosen business ventures. “Financial Training is very vital in empowering women owned and managed SMEs in PNG and for those women who are yet to start a business, and sees women SMEs armed with certificates from courses aligned to business prior to obtaining loans from NDB will append success to their business and to the Bank in their loan repayments.” Mrs Kaule highlighted. She commended SDBC for facilitating the training and Interim President of NAWIBA and her executives for organizing the “Start Your Business” Training.
Mrs Kaule encouraged the women to visit the Kavieng Branch for loan assistance via the Start up and Grower loan packages and capitalize on the 6.5% interest rates on these loan products. She said it was important that the women should start small and build their way up as their business flourishes because this was what the principle of success is built on.
In congratulating the women for successfully completing the training program, an elated President of the NAWIBA, Mrs Getruth Merebo said this training was only the beginning. “This is only the beginning of many more trainings as such to come. Already we have two planned for next year and one of this will be in Namatanai so that women there can join us.” Mr Merebo said.
Mrs Merebo acknowledged the participation of a number of mothers and daughters in the training which was very overwhelming and paid tribute especially the fathers and husbands for their understanding and support by taking charge of their houses while their wives and daughters attended the training.
According to the NDB Kavieng Branch, as of Wednesday last week already 15 women have visited their office in which three possible business sites have been inspected and two applications are currently been worked on. The Branch says they are expecting more of the participants to stop by and they are more than happy to assist lodge and facilitate the loan requests.
Caption: From Left Janet Kaule NDB Relationship Manager -Women in Business and SYB Trainer Nanim Maileng with Members of the Niu Ailan Women In Business Association who successfully completed the SBDC facilitated week long training on “Start Your Business Participants For Micro Enterprises” with their Certificates.

Press release 28th June 2012 – NDB WOMEN IN BUSINESS LOAN PRODUCTS

28 06 2012

The National Development Bank has again made new milestone when it raised the industry bar towards providing equal opportunities for the women owned and managed SMEs of Papua New Guinea through the setting up of the NDB Women in Business Desk in September 2010.

The NDB Women’s Desk Relationship Officers will offer loan products for women in business to start or expand their current businesses and to empower them to compete in the market. The Bank has appointed Women in Business Officers who will handle queries and process loan applications through the Bank’s 17 Branch locations nationwide.

Lending to Women in Business
In year 2011 alone, the Bank funded K 8.9 million in loans to 90 PNG businesswomen from the 17 NDB Branches throughout PNG. Due to the high demand for loans to the women’s business sector, the NDB Lending Division set a target lending goal for WIB in 2012 at K 20 million. As of this publication, the number of loans funded, loan applications and queries received have drastically soared to unprecedented level. Those funded were businesswomen representing new business startups and existing business that are owned and operated by women who dreamed of expanding their businesses. The amount of loans disbursed for women ranged from K 5,000.00 and upwards and were used to fund women who are engaged into vegetable buying and reselling, tailoring, poultry, piggery, vehicles for lease, imported clothes, bags and shoes for retail, lodges and guest houses, hotel, stationary and printing, sawmilling, cocoa buying and fermentaries, bakery, restaurant, boat and motor and fuel retailing, taxi, trade store, road construction, catering, floriculture, hair saloon, inventories for BHIP, Forever Living, Proma and many more,

Inaugural NDB Women in Business Summit
In March 2012 NDB WIB successfully launched its Inaugural NDB Women in Business Summit  at Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza in Port Moresby from the 25th – 27th March.  In attendance were 300 out of 1,000 businesswomen and intending businesswomen applicants from all over PNG. The objective of the Summit was to empower, inspire and add value to the PNG businesswomen with the theme “ I can do it ”. During this Summit the NDB Women in Business website,  was launched along with two new loan products namely, the 1. Start Up and 2. Grower loan Packages. In addition work has started on forming NDB Women in Business Club and Awards and other incentive for the businesswomen in PNG. NDB will not only fund loans but add value to its businesswomen clients through these incentives and avenues for networking, mentoring and advocating among its women clients.

How to access Women in Business Loans
NDB invites more PNG women to utilize business opportunities brought about by the demand for goods and services due to the growth in the economy and participate in owning and managing businesses.  NDB through its 17 branches and WIB Relationship Officers in PNG is proud to support and grow Papua New Guinea indigenous businesswomen and look forward to serving the needs of the grassroots, rural, urban and professional women in starting up or expanding current businesses in 2012 and beyond with the two new generous loan products. NDB urges its current women in business clients to be committed in their loan repayments and face the challenges with confidence and optimism.

NDB WIB Website

Women In Business – Heather Yaninen

1 05 2012

Heather Yaninen a NDB Women In Business customer tells her story.

“Since we moved into Port Moresby in 1981, my desire was to supplement my husband’s income to improve our quality of life. I begin selling ice blocks, eggs, sandwiches, meri blouse and laplaps at Waigani market from 1984 to 1995. Newspapers that cover my life story called me the Waigani ice block lady (from Waigani to Hollywood). From 1996 to 2011 I was involved with Pro-man system (PNG) Ltd with God’s help I did very well achieving the highest marketing level of the company- Gold executive director in 2003. Since 2001 I won international business conference trips and have been to places like Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Mexico and recently won another trip to New York.

Last year March I attended the National development Bank business summit in Rabaul. Since then I join the Bank under the women in business desk. With Banks assistance, I’m now operating at vision city, making the first Papua New Guinean to operate, setting the pace for others to follow.

I’m so grateful for NDB to help me to operate in this prestigious place”

Why have a NDB Women in Business Desk?

25 04 2012

The NDB Women in Business Desk was established in October 2010 to support and assist Papua New Guinean Women in Business. This came about as NDB attempts to;

  • Align itself into achieving the 2050 Vision of the National Government, under its “Wealth Creation Pillar” and
  • Develop a vehicle for the economic empowerment of women in PNG so they can contribute to the well being of their families and economic development of our country.

Women as a gender in Papua New Guinea has been marginalised and restricted from meaningfully contribute to making a difference in all areas of life. According to latest trends both globally and locally, women are becoming more and more active in getting into entrepreneurial enterprises and driving financial independence and empowerment agendas. They are fast becoming significant players in economic development of any nation and PNG is no exception as proven when the Women in Business Desk was set up by NDB in 2010. In a space of 12 months, NDB had grown its loan book for women from K750, 000 to K10,000,000. (A 1000% growth in loans given to Women in the formal Business Sector).

NDB will supports PNG Women entrepreneurs in ensuring:

  • There are competitive products available to women in business that reflects both market place trends and the needs of women.
  • A Supportive network of inspiring and motivating advocates, mentors and role models that will coach and mentor other women.
  • A conducive environment and professional customer relationship service that is supported by the business structure.
  • Tools, processes and systems that will contribute to and enhance PNG Women enterprises
  • A recognition and feedback programme that will continually inspire and drive the women entrepreneurs.


NDB WIB – Post summit Activities

25 04 2012

After the successful 2012 NDB Women In Business Summit the NDB WIB Network website ( listed the following activities that are been carried out to keep the momentum rolling as well as what has taken place.

  • The NDB branches across the country are been swamped by a huge number of loan queries from the women in business sector seeking lending assistance.
  • Appreciation and thank you letters are been sent to all 2012 NDB Women In Business Summit participants. The participants will be sent DVD copies of the Summit along with NDB WIB Product brochures and information pamphlets.
  • Those unlucky individuals who were refused from registering for the Summit because of limited space will be sent DVD copies of the Summit along with NDB WIB Product brochures and information pamphlets. The unsuccessful participants will be given priority in the next Summit.
  • All NDB WIB Relationships officers are currently busy attending to large number of applications for loans at the Branches
  • All interested businesswomen in the SME sector are encouraged to apply for membership to the NDB Women in Business Club either thru the website ( or by visiting the branches nearest them. Application forms can be obtained by sending a request thru the website or by contacting the WIB desk at NDB Head Office.
  • A database of NDB WIB Club members is being created to be accessed by other Club members for networking and information purposes.
  • A formal recognition is being planned to acknowledge those NDB staff and Committee members who gave their best efforts to ensure the successful launching of the Summit.

For more information regarding the NDB Women In Business Network please visit the NDB WIB Network website

Short Video – 2012 NDB Women In Business Summit

15 04 2012

A short video of the 2012 NDB Women In Business Summit that was produced by Next of Kin Productions has been placed on the NDB Facebook page . Special thanks to Jelena Tamate the Managing Partner of Next of Kin Productions for allowing us to post this video.