NDB Launches SMS Banking

14 03 2014

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NDB Female Staff On AusAID Scholarships

7 02 2014

Source: NDB Facebook page

Two remarkable women from the National Development Bank are bound for Australia to do their Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees thanks to the Australian Governments AusAID Scholarship Program.
The women who are both with NDB’s Accounting and Finance Division, are rearing to make their dreams of attaining international qualifications which has the backing of the National Development Bank.
NDB proudly acclaims itself to be an organization that promotes and supports gender equality and higher accreditation which is evident in the number of women who are currently holding positions at management levels within the organization.
Lets meet these two women:
Being a mother and a bread winner is a common trend for many working women today and usually because of this, taking up further studies is the least of their priorities or something they only dream about but don’t bother to try. But only a few courageous women see this situation as a challenge making them stronger and even more determined to achieve greater things in life.
One such person is NDB’s outgoing Supervisor Accounts Payable/Receivable and Purchasing Rhonda Gerega who I have such admiration for in juggling the roles of a mother, a bread winner and a professional accomplishing all tasks without failure. And if you thought this load was already too much for one person to handle, Rhonda has secured an Australia Awards Scholarship funded by AusAid to go for a two year study program in Australia. Rhonda is one of only two females among a group of ten who were selected under the Undergraduate category a rare opportunity that she is very grateful for. “You can see there was a slim chance of been selected and I thank God for the blessing.” Rhonda said. “I will be studying at the University of Southern Queensland for two years doing a Bachelor of Commerce – Finance Major. I am very lucky and it’s a privilege and honour to receive this scholarship award from AusAID.” Rhonda added.
With all costs associated with the tuition, tickets, accommodation and allowance covering only the scholarship recipient, Rhonda has opted to resign instead of going on study leave, so that with her finish pay she can pay for her husband and children’s fares to Australia.
Rhonda’s achievement is the family’s pride and they are very supportive of what she sets her mind on doing. Rhonda says she wants to seize this occasion to enhance her knowledge and skills and build her confidence making use of this unique opportunity provided by the Australian Government and return to PNG and impart the knowledge to help develop the industry and country as a whole. “I look forward to grasp the opportunities in Australia and hope to be marketable in future. My future plan is to be a leader in Lending or Financial Planning, but I’ll let God lead my journey.” Rhonda reaffirmed.
Education sees no barriers and no limits just as long as you are determined to succeed in what it is you want to achieve making use of every opportunity that comes your way. So it is for Accounting Manager Vicky Vene as she sets out on her journey to do her Post graduate Degree.
Vicky has been awarded an Australian Awards Scholarship funded by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAid) to do a Master of Professional Accounting at the Central Queensland University. It is a two year program at the Brisbane Campus with the academic year starting on the 28th January, 2014.
Whilst undertaking her postgraduate program, Vicky will also be participating in the prestigious Australian Awards Leadership Program for this year. The Leadership Program provides awardees with leadership learning and development activities and opportunities to connect with other awardees across the globe and with key people from the Government, private sector and civil society. “My first event of the leadership program will be in Canberra which I am looking forward to.” Vicky said.
Vicky expressed her gratitude to her family especially her partner and her parents (both in Kapari Village in the Central Province and Sri Lanka) for the overwhelming support in seeing her through the process. “My family will be supporting me during my studies as I’m going on this scholarship on Study Leave without pay which is a challenge for me to manage my allowance from the scholarship budget.” Vicky added.
On the same token, Vicky extended her heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Acting Managing Director Moses Liu for signing off and supporting her application, Human Resource Manager Grace Andrew, Legal Team Suzanne Unumba and Azaria Gabara and Charles Evi for commissioning her documents to get through the application process. Vicky also paid tribute to the Executive Manager Accounting and Finance Max Kairu for his support and Vasita Vue for stepping in for her during her absence. “I thank them all from the bottom of my heart and I will do my level best to return with flying colours.” Vicky highlighted.
Upon returning, Vicky wants to be a part of process improvements in Accounting and Finance and also assist NDB’s subsidiary companies and update current Accounting Manual which will include detailed Fixed Assets manual and detailed chart of account descriptions.
Vicky says she would also like to continue to support WiB Relationship Manager Janet Kaule with whatever plans she and her executives may have for the soon to be launched NDB WiB Club. Also with the NDB Wib Club, Vicky would like to assist in providing advice and service to women clients who would like to be educated in preparing their own financial statements and be compliant with statutory requirements with IRC and IPA.
Speaking during the farewell luncheon Acting Managing Director Moses Liu on behalf of the Board, Management and Staff of NDB thanked Vicky and Rhonda for their commitment and dedication in executing their assigned tasks and duties which were highly commended and appreciated. He urged both women to give their studies the same level of commitment and use this opportunity as a stepping stone to aspire for even greater things in life. Mr Liu congratulated Vicky and Rhonda and wished them all the success in their two years of study. (Above: Rhonda Gerega, Below: Vicky Vene)

People’s Micro Bank SMS Banking – Coming Soon

13 12 2013

People's Micro Bank SMS Banking - Coming Soon

PMB SMS Banking – Coming Soon

Doris Iamo’s Story

10 12 2013

Source: NDB Facebook page


(left Doris Iamo and Janet Kaule)

It’s that time of the year again when gifts, festive wishes, cards and all things good are adorned upon those that mean something or are truly deserving. And one such woman is Doris Iamo from Ommo Village in New Ireland Province who received an early Christmas present from the National Development Bank.
The Cheque presentation for Mrs Iamo called for a double celebration as it was done during Mrs Iamo’s graduation following a weeklong training on “Start Your Business For Micro Enterprises” facilitated by the Small Business Development Cooperation (SBDC) in partnership with the Niu Ireland Women In Business Association and NDB’s Women In Business Desk.
Before attending the training programme, Mrs Iamo paid a visit to NDB’s Kavieng Branch to obtain a loan to get into the Taxi Service business something Mrs Iamo dreamt of doing following her retirement from government service.
Least expected but very much to her delight, this dream will now become a reality with the gracious loan assistance from the National Development Bank. “NDB has made me very proud by presenting my cheque in front of all my colleagues. Thankyou NDB from the bottom of my heart for making my dream come true.” Mrs Iamo said.
Mrs Iamo said she was fortunate to have attended the training which covered topics such as Challenges of Starting your Business, Choosing your Business Idea, Managing The Business, Making a Cash Flow Plan, Savings and Applying for a Loan which are the basic requirements to starting a business. “I have a certificate that is certified by the International Labour Office in Geneva and I am very confident in managing my own business now.” Mrs Iamo reaffirmed.
With NDB’s loan assistance of a little over K23,000 Mrs Iamo has purchased a Toyota which will serve as a Taxi providing a 24 hour door to door service within Kavieng Town. Since 2010 NDB has funded in the transport industry, individual women owned and managed SMEs in PNG cars, 4 Wheel Drives, 15 and 25 seater buses, Land Cruisers, Dump Trucks, Hino Trucks, Twin Steers Trucks, Prime Movers, Crane, Excavators, Boats and Motors.
Acting Managing Director Moses Liu said NDB was pleased to assist the people live their dreams but most importantly help them become financially independent and enable them to become meaningful contributors to the growth and development of the SME Sector and that of their community, province and country as a whole.
On behalf of the Board, Management and Staff of the National Development Bank Mr Liu congratulated Mrs Iamo and wished her and all other NDB clients around the country an absolutely fantastic festive celebrations, take care and best wishes for the New Year.
Caption: Mrs Doris Iamo receiving her cheque from NDB Women In Business Manager Relations Manager Janet Kaule during the graduation of the just concluded “Start Your Business For Micro Enterprises” Training.

New Ireland Women Graduate With Flying Colours

2 12 2013

Source: NDB Facebook page


The Niu Ailan Women In Business Association (NAWIBA) has struck another milestone with the successful completion of a week-long training course for its members.
Working in collaboration with the National Development Bank’s Women In Business Desk and the Small Business Development Cooperation (SBDC), the training program was conducted involving seventy-four (74) women from all over the province who are current members of the Association, which was recently launched in October this year.
The training program “Start Your Business For Micro Enterprises” was facilitated by Master Trainer Kathy Waluka and Trainer Nanin Maileng covering topics such as Challenges of Starting your Business, Choosing your Business Idea, Managing The Business, Making a Cash Flow Plan, Savings and Applying for a Loan just to name a few.
Master Trainer Kathy Waluka said the participants should consider themselves privileged in that this was not just any ordinary training but globally recognized and they had certificates to prove this. “This training which you have successfully completed is the same that is given to other associations and groups from across the globe as it is a certified training program under the International Labour Office (ILO) in Geneva.” Mrs Waluka highlighted.
Mrs Walika further challenged the participants to put into practice what they have learnt from the training so that they can live their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs while at the same time contribute to the economic growth and development of the SME sector and their province as a whole.
In echoing similar sentiments Relationship Manager for NDB’s Women In Business Janet Kaule who officiated at the graduation ceremony said the training was important as it equipped the women with the basics but key information and knowledge required to get them started on their chosen business ventures. “Financial Training is very vital in empowering women owned and managed SMEs in PNG and for those women who are yet to start a business, and sees women SMEs armed with certificates from courses aligned to business prior to obtaining loans from NDB will append success to their business and to the Bank in their loan repayments.” Mrs Kaule highlighted. She commended SDBC for facilitating the training and Interim President of NAWIBA and her executives for organizing the “Start Your Business” Training.
Mrs Kaule encouraged the women to visit the Kavieng Branch for loan assistance via the Start up and Grower loan packages and capitalize on the 6.5% interest rates on these loan products. She said it was important that the women should start small and build their way up as their business flourishes because this was what the principle of success is built on.
In congratulating the women for successfully completing the training program, an elated President of the NAWIBA, Mrs Getruth Merebo said this training was only the beginning. “This is only the beginning of many more trainings as such to come. Already we have two planned for next year and one of this will be in Namatanai so that women there can join us.” Mr Merebo said.
Mrs Merebo acknowledged the participation of a number of mothers and daughters in the training which was very overwhelming and paid tribute especially the fathers and husbands for their understanding and support by taking charge of their houses while their wives and daughters attended the training.
According to the NDB Kavieng Branch, as of Wednesday last week already 15 women have visited their office in which three possible business sites have been inspected and two applications are currently been worked on. The Branch says they are expecting more of the participants to stop by and they are more than happy to assist lodge and facilitate the loan requests.
Caption: From Left Janet Kaule NDB Relationship Manager -Women in Business and SYB Trainer Nanim Maileng with Members of the Niu Ailan Women In Business Association who successfully completed the SBDC facilitated week long training on “Start Your Business Participants For Micro Enterprises” with their Certificates.